Metallurgical Engineering Services

Materials Testing

Material suitability, verification and selection testing and interpretation.

Testing equipment includes hardness, fatigue, and impact testing systems, metallurgical microscopes and testing furnaces. 

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Forensic & Failure Analysis

Expert problem solving and diagnosis; including assistance with validity of designs, assessment of defects in materials and suitability of material for specific applications.

Staff specializes in cases of arson, ship safety and industrial accidents. 

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Metallurgical Consulting

Using advanced evaluation technology to deliver an extensive analysis of metals and non-metals to resolve reject issues. 

 All test results are interpreted and reported by experienced engineering staff. 

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Corrosion Analysis & Testing

Complete corrosion laboratory facilities to provide metal analysis, testing of protective coatings & evaluation and recommendation of metals.  

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Weld Qualification Testing


In depth analysis of welder performance and weld procedures. 

Comprehensive and conclusive testing with rapid turnaround times.  

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Material Chemical Analysis

Determining and understanding the makeup of your materials for chemical verification, selection, and contaminant identification.

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